Week 1 Poem Emotional, Words for Emotion

Bad moods Good moods

they all come and go

but all for different reasons

some are forced

some are random

but for me they were triggered

some were easy to trigger




There was no real pattern

then middle school struck

it struck hard

like an ax to wood

and like that ax

it cut me down

it cut me down from the rope before I reached the top

and I fell

and the emotions that were once triggered so easily




I died my hair black to match my envisioned soul

and dark colors for my mood

It seemed this like this school had broken me

only one thing stayed the same


I continued to spill them on pages

the only time i showed

and all the forgotten emotions


In the character’s emotions

I was present

In their faces

I was seen

In their stories

I am the weaver

Just like I always have been

Week 4 poem, sonet, so me and poetry


I am thinking of a topic

I am not a poet and it doesn’t come to me

And every time I try to rhyme it always ends up gothic

I’m sorry for me poetry caues it’s really sad to see

But poetry is not for me for my words are rarely vague

But my only choise is to try

And though this subject is despise like the plague

I still try to sound spry

And if by now you don’t know what I am saying

It’s I would rather do something else

But I haven’t another option in weighing

And while writing this my free time melts

So what this poem means for me

Is that I really hate poetry

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Week 1 poem- Personification

it stands outside my front door

it never speaks, it never smiles, it just stands

and waits

and waits

and waits

it has hundreds of grey tinted arms

and is always bald in the winter and grows back its layers in the heat

its there when I leave for school

its there when I return

just live it has

for the last 13 years

I’ve never seen it eat

it doesn’t say a word as I walk by

But it isn’t suppose to

It dose what it has grown to do

the cherry tree stands outside my front door

as it will

forever more

Week 2 Poem- and I have lived a thousand lives


the book sighs as I turn the page

soft almost silent music in the background

the clock outside strikes but I lost track of the time and I don’t care

books are the one place I can escape

it doesn’t matter what happened in the day prior

because in these moments I’m invincible

and I don’t care what the nay-sayers and the haters say, no matter how many times I’ve been told to put it down I refuse to


another page finished

I read as if they were religion and they take me off to another place and with these books I have lived a thousand lives

but only one I can call my own


I turn to the last page and find it blank

yet another story ends

and ends another chaper

in the story that is life

Hello everyone its Cassidy and you just got a sense of my terrible poetry skills     🙁 so yeah. anyway. see you later


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week 8 game time

Me: *the only reason for me to still have this is consistent*

Hello everybody it’s cassidy and this is my week 8 blog post :). I commented on three amazing blogs

The first blog I commented on was james, he did a very educational post on Doggos, their was a lot of very true information (http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/james8352021/2016/04/12/doggos/comment-page-1/#comment-28)

The second blog I commented was Sarah’s, she did a post called percy the fish and, well you guys know me, you can guess why I chose that post ( http://afascinatingblogbysarah.edublogs.org/2016/03/26/percy-the-fish-wp10/#comment-51)

And last but certainly not least, I commented on Karena’s blog, she had an awesome post about anime and comicon and all sorts of other cool stuff (http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/karena8402021/2016/01/29/my-2015-halloween/comment-page-1/#comment-39)

So yeah, you guys should go check them out, till later


Don’t, Stop, Me, Now *starts singing*

Me:*is losing creativity for these intros*


Hello everybody, it’s cassidy, and this is the final week of the blogging challenge, but don’t worry, ill try to keep updating on here, it just won’t be as often :(, just for future reference, This blog will most likely just become me talking about Anime, Books written by other people, Books that i’m writing, and what’s going on in my crazy life. I just wanted to share what I have plans for my blog. Till later


“Max can I come in, i need to brush my teeth” “No, i’m in a towel” “I’M BLIND”  “no you’re kidding, are you sure” – the maximum ride series Max and Iggy

To The Future

Me-*reading a book about time travel*

Friend-*walks into the room* Cassidy, what are you doing?

Me- Trying to figure out how to build a time machine


Me- so I can see the future

Freind-… surprisingly this isn’t the strangest thing i’ve seen you do


Hello everyone it’s Cassidy and this is my week 9 blog post :). I decided that I would do the blog about “my future” because the new book by Rick Riordan is out and the book series is the hidden oracle and oracle’s tell the future and that is my current obsession. So I figured I should just do a thing on my career goals. When I grow up I want to be an english professor and/or an author. I am currently working on two book series (Spellbinding and Project RElife) and a stand alone book (Bleeding Hope) that I want to get published. Anyway i’m going to end this here before people quit reading due to boredom. Later


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Comment Crazy (again because originality)

Me-*can’t Think Of an Intro for this post*


Hello everyone, it’s cassidy and this is the week 2 commenting post. So I commented on 3 blogs. The first one I commented on was Caitlin’s space blog (http://caitlinv10.edublogs.org/2016/03/17/all-about-me/#comment-8) he had a really good all about me post that was really interesting. The second post was on Sheldon’s Blog (http://sheldon5.edublogs.org/2016/04/12/five-nights-at-freddys/#comment-6) it was about Five Nights at Freddy’s witch I think is the best game series created, but anyway, he has a good post on FNAF. The last blog I posted a comment on was Guitarmaster Cesar (http://cesargum.edublogs.org/2016/01/06/boys-vs-girls/#comment-2) he has a post about boys Vs girls, He has a good argument on his part.
“Can you giggle while racing for your life and protecting a six year old? I can” Max Ride, the Maximum Ride Series  

week 6- food

Me-*looking at pictures of food trying to get inspiration for the post*

Me-*humming the Sword Art Online theme song to self*

Me-* has no ideas for the post but tries to make it anyway*


Hilo Everyone it’s cassidy and this is my week 6 post about food and culture :). Sooooooo, I live In america and we have a tendency to copy foods from other culte, but I have a leg up in the interesting factor when it comes to food because I am a Vegetarian. So just for the people who don’t know, Vegetarians don’t eat meat, that means we don’t eat chicken, you have no idea how many times I have told someone I don’t eat meat and they continue to ask if I eat chicken, like hello, CHICKEN IS MEAT!!!!!! So no, I don’t eat chicken. I was born a vegetarian but it is the lifestyle I plan on living for the rest of my life. Anyway, i’m going to leave before I stat ranting about cheesecake again


“Feelings you have for eachother will not be known unless you voice them” Hitachiin Kaoru   

week 7~ Story Time

Me- ok so week seven Post needs to have Images

Me- *looks through one of the image sources provided by teacher*

Me- *finds Pictures of a Black Rose and a Rising Phoenix* Oh, I know what I’m doing this week


Hello Everyone, it’s Cassidy. And today i’ll be writing a short story based on the Two Images I picked out. Those of you that actually know me know that I love to write Fictional stories and stuff so this might be less of a short story short story and more of a Not a Novel Short story (but who knows, I might continue this and make it a novel in my free time). Anyway, I hope you enjoy


Samantha Black was the daughter of Lord Alex and Lady Marya of Evermest, She was beautiful with long silky black hair, Dark green eyes, and tan skin. Samantha was the considered to be the crown jewel of Evermest and because of that, She cast a long, dark shadow over her sister Diane. Diane Phoenix, The youngest daughter of the Rose family was different from the rest of her family, She wasn’t strikingly beautiful like her sister, She didn’t possess any musical talent like her father, and she didn’t posses magic like her mother. One day Diane and Samantha got into a fight and Diane ran into the forest, sick of being the disappointment that her family saw her as she vowed that she would never return to her old home. Weeks later Diane recalled a story her mother had told her, about her older sister who had became a witch, Leanna was her name, Diane surprisingly found herself rejoiced at the thought of being with family again, and she set out to find her aunt. Leanna was a good hider, and it took Diane Three years to find her, and it was more like leanna found her instead of the other way around. Diane expand who she was and her situation to her aunt. Leanna was a fair person, and she understood what it was like to be outcasted by the people she loved and she took Diane on as her apprentice of witchcraft. Years Later The Fief of Evermest was under attack and Samantha ran into the forest to find Leanna only to be surprised to find her missing sister instead ¨Master Leanna pasted on not long ago” Diane said with a cold glance at her sister ¨if that was why you came, your trip was a waste of time.” Samantha explained to her what was happening in evermest and that they were in need of a witch. After many hours of begging Samantha convinced Diane to come back and help them on the condition that they would never have to see eachother again. Long story short with Diane’s help the people of evermest were able to win the battle, but not without a loss. Both Diane and Samantha died, they were buried near the edge of the forest on their parents property where they used to play as children. 12 years later a carpenter was just getting of duty at castle evermest, he walked by were the graves of the two ladies and say something glowing in the corner on his eye, he ducked behind the bushes to get a better look, and there he saw, perched atop the gravestone was a phoenix with a black rose in its mouth, the spirits of the two sisters had come to say their goodbyes


Hope you guys enjoyed my little story and thanks for sticking around to read it all, till next time

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